Vaccine Education Toolkit

Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates among all Americans is of great importance in the effort to quell the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Libraries can leverage their deep relationships with patrons, students, staff, and local communities to educate people about the safety of immunizations and help increase vaccine confidence.

We encourage RAILS members to contribute what they do to educate their users about vaccines. See instructions at the bottom of this page for adding your vaccine education resources to the My Library Is... website.

Vaccine Education

The drop-down lists below include resources from the following organizations:

Submit your library's vaccine education resource on the My Library Is.. website.


  • Log into the My Library Is.. website (Login is the same as your L2 login)
  • Go to Sharing Showcase and select a tool (example: printables, video, social media posts)
  • Go to "Add Your Library's... (upper right corner)
  • Enter in the resource
  • Under Tags, select "vaccine education"
  • Click Save

View resources submitted by libraries here.