RAILS Multitype Collaborative Grants

We are offering grants to encourage member libraries of different types (academic, public, school, and special) to work together on collaborative projects.

Each grant project must include at least two different types of libraries.

Participating libraries can choose to try new projects with existing partners or to create new partnerships that benefit their communities. We encourage applicants to think outside the box, and to propose projects that will leverage the strengths of each institution to address a particular need.

We will award a limited number of grants ($2500 maximum per grant) and make award determinations based on the availability of funding, the strength of individual applications, and the following priorities:

  • Innovative projects
  • New projects and new partnerships
  • Projects that can be replicated
  • Demonstrated impact to a shared community
  • Sustainability beyond the specific grant program or activity

In addition to these funding priorities, we'll make every effort to award grants to applicants that reflect our diverse membership – supporting projects throughout our entire service area and libraries with differing budgets and diverse communities.

Application Deadlines

For Fiscal Year 2017, there will be two award periods. The application deadline dates are:

  • Award Period 1: January 31, 2017
  • Award Period 2: April 28, 2017

If you have questions about this grant offering, contact Debbie Baaske, Member Engagement Manager, at 630-734-5152, debbie.baaske@railslibraries.info or Joe Filapek, Consulting and Continuing Education Manager, at 630-734-5132, joseph.filapek@railslibraries.info.

Before completing the grant application, please review the requirements to ensure eligibility.

Grant Conditions

Please review the following requirements to determine the eligibility of your grant request. All conditions must be met to be considered for a multitype collaborative grant:

  • All project partners must be RAILS members and at least two different types of libraries (academic, public, school, and special) must be involved in each project.
  • The amount requested cannot exceed $2500.
  • Grant recipients must submit a formal grant report within 30 days of the completion of grant activities. (RAILS will send a grant report template to the primary contact after your grant has been accepted)
  • A copy of relevant invoices must be sent with the completed grant report.
  • Any unused funds must be returned to RAILS upon completion of the grant.
  • RAILS will not assist in funding costs associated with items deemed nonessential to the project, including but not limited to food, incentives, gifts, and prizes.
  • RAILS is authorized to promote the projects of all grant recipients through the RAILS website, Facebook, e-news and other sources. Libraries are responsible for providing RAILS with information for publicity purposes.
  • Grant recipients are required to acknowledge RAILS financial support of their grant in any promotional activities.