Morris Area Public Library Reorganizes Entrance and Circulation Area

The Morris Area Public Library has made it easier for patrons to find and check out materials. Removing the large, round circulation desk, which measured 35 feet across, opened up the space just inside the entrance. Instead of being immediately greeted by a big circulation desk, now patrons can move through the display areas and browse new titles more easily. The displays include titles from the adult, teen and children's departments. "We have one fancy display, one timely display and the rest are new books displays," said Director Lorene Kennard.

The library is using the desk from their original building as the new circulation desk. "We've gotten such great feedback about our new layout. Patrons love to see the desk from our 1913 building when they check out," said Director Kennard. (Click the link below for a closer view of the 1913 desk.)

Additionally, DVDs and CDs are in their own media room. Books may be checked out at the main circulation desk or in the media room, but all DVDs and CDs must be checked out in the media room. Separating the checkouts has sped up the checkout process. Patrons who check out only books or only media are very happy with the new arrangement.

Here are the before and after pictures!

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