Sparks Podcast Episode 3: Miguel Figueroa

Dee Brennan and Miguel Figueroa

RAILS Executive Director Dee Brennan talks with Miguel Figueroa, Director of the Center for the Future of Libraries ( They discuss why the American Library Association started the center, how libraries can use its work to prepare for the future, and how to identify important trends.

Intro/outro music by Julie Jurgens,

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Just a hint for the future: you might do well to include links to the services the guest refers to in these podcast post pages. (For what its worth, an excellent example of how to document a show is the Season Pass Podcast. Here's an example of their show page: . Those added links about show information does save listeners time in hunting down details.

Thanks for the great idea, Sarah. We will include these links moving forward. We added the link for the Center for the Future of Libraries above.

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