New System Membership Standards

Revised Draft Membership Standards

The RAILS System Membership Standards Committee has been working on developing membership standards for all types of RAILS libraries to help them provide the best possible service to their customers. Earlier this year, the committee released draft standards and invited member comment. The committee reviewed all feedback very carefully and made changes to the draft standards as a result.

The following are the revised drafts, approved by the RAILS System Membership Standards Committee on August 8, 2016. All members are invited to comment below (sign into the website to post a comment) or by contacting Dee Brennan, RAILS Executive Director, or Veronda Pitchford, RAILS Director of Membership Development and Resource Sharing.


"The facility is compliant with all applicable local, state and federal requirements." Does this mean we must meet all current building codes? For example, our building doesn't have sprinklers on the main floor but is "grandfathered" and until we do major renovations we are not required to add them. In order to meet system standards would we need to meet current codes. This doesn't even get into ADA requirements.

Thank you for your request for clarification. Per our conversation, in your particular case, if your building has been "grandfathered" in by the agency that determines building codes, the building meets the standards. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us further refine the standards language. Veronda