New System Membership Standards

Amended System Membership Standards

The RAILS System Membership Standards Committee has been working on developing membership standards for all types of RAILS libraries to help them provide the best possible service to their customers.

On June 16, 2017, the RAILS Board approved an amended version of the proposed system membership standards (see below).

We removed the collection expenditure, hours open, and online catalog requirements while we further examine the implications of these requirements for our members.

RAILS will spend the next year testing the standards with our members and revising them as needed. The RAILS Board will review the results of the testing and any resulting revisions in July 2018.

All members are invited to comment below (sign into the website to post a comment) or by contacting Dee Brennan, RAILS Executive Director, or Veronda Pitchford, RAILS Director of Membership Development and Resource Sharing.


Hi there

I wanted to let you know that I would be happy to help by testing the standards at the Dixon Public Library. Please let me know how I can help.