Think Like a Startup: Using Startup Technology Practices to Make Your Library Thrive

Startups have to use innovative tricks and lean practices to turn an idea into a profitable business. Libraries can implement these tricks to save money or improve processes and procedures. Join Brian Pichman as he shares some secrets and resources to make technology more affordable and also what processes and procedures that can be implemented to save costs and drive more efficiency for your library.

* Uncover apps that allow for increased efficiency (communication, project management, etc.)
* Websites that offer resources to start-ups and funding opportunities
* Learn about "start-up" mentality and tips and tricks to use within your library spaces

Desired Outcomes:
Attendees will be able to leverage what they learned through the webinar to use within their organization as it relates to improving processes and procedures and potentially reducing costs.

Content level: Beginner

Brian is the Director of Strategic Innovation at the Evolve Project. Much of Evolve's work includes building innovative works geared towards interaction and collaboration and helping libraries bridge the digital divide, break away from traditional library views and become trendsetters. Brian is dedicated to bringing libraries into the future using cost-effective measures and strategies. He often presents on innovative technology and loves collaborating with both libraries and companies. In his work with start-up companies around the world, he promotes libraries and encourages people to work closer with libraries when developing new ideas and concepts.

This recording is approximately 50 minutes in length and was originally broadcast on November 16, 2017.

Think Like a Startup: Using Startup Technology Practices to Make Your Library Thrive

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