IT Security for Libraries: Part 3 - Disaster Recovery

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series.

With the rise of data breaches and exploits, what tips and tricks can libraries employ to remain secure? Join Brian Pichman, who holds a Masters of Informational Security, as he discusses IT basic security and how to protect your library.

Part 3 - Disaster Recovery
A very important topic in today's data age is Disaster Recovery. With the need for high up time in our environments, your environment must be prepared for the worse. From basic internet outages to full system failure, how you plan will determine how quickly you can recover. See more details below.

* Learn the key infrastructure components in mitigating risks as it relates to data loss or system failure
* Identify the main points to include within a disaster plan

Brian Pichman is the Director of Strategic Innovation at the Evolve Project. He speaks a lot about innovative technology as a presenter and loves collaborating with both libraries and companies. He is dedicated to bring libraries into the future using cost effective measures and strategies. Much of Evolve's work includes bridging the digital divide, breaking away from "traditional library views", becoming trend setters and finding or building innovative works geared towards interaction and collaboration. He has also been working with start-up companies across the country, promoting libraries and encouraging people to work closer with libraries in developing new ideas and concepts.

IT Security for Libraries: Part 3 - Disaster Recovery

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