Joint meeting of IHLS, RAILS, the State Library and CPL: Part Two

Last week I posted about the Joint System Boards Meeting in Springfield, and some of the discussion points from that meeting agenda, such as the challenges faced by systems and member libraries.

 Here is another topic we discussed:  what will systems look like in five years?

There were a lot of different ideas that were mentioned as you can well imagine.  My vision is that systems will have to be – and should be now, not just in five years – agile organizations ready to change focus and services as the needs of member libraries and end users change.  System staff should be innovators, always actively seeking out new ideas that might help libraries serve users better, as well as able to quickly respond to new needs.  This was my mantra as a public library director and it hasn’t changed; a service organization should be able to anticipate change as well as respond to it.  Even better – to actually create change through innovation.

I know that many of you have strategic plans in your libraries and have frequent, lively discussions with Board and staff about the future of your organizations.  I would love to hear what you see in your future as it will help us prepare for ours.



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