RAILS Delivery Labels

You must use a RAILS approved delivery label to send items to libraries that are either:

  • On a vehicle route in your RAILS delivery hub (XBR, XCV, XEP, XGV, XRF, XSW, XWH); or
  • In your shared catalog (except for academic libraries in I-Share)

Use the Illinois Library Delivery Service (ILDS) label for:

  • RAILS libraries outside your delivery service area
  • Libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS)
  • Chicago Public Library
  • Academic libraries that are ILDS delivery locations

Order/Download Labels

RAILS delivery labels are available in packs of self-adhesive labels, or on printable/downloadable sheets. Label sheets need to be printed at full size, portrait orientation, on white paper.

Find More Illinois Delivery Labels

Libraries participating in Find More Illinois may use the shipping labels generated by the SHAREit software instead of the RAILS or ILDS delivery labels. ILDS libraries should continue using the CARLI labeling system for the bag labels so delivery statistics are captured.

ILS-Generated Delivery Labels

ILS-Generated labels must be approved by RAILS Delivery prior to use. RAILS is providing specifications for delivery labels for libraries or consortia that wish to use their ILS or other software to automatical­ly generate their own, to replace the RAILS-supplied labels currently in use. An ILS-generated label that includes the destination and owning libraries can increase accuracy and efficiency in the library and in the delivery operation.

Labeling Instructions

  • Secure a label to each item. Rubber bands may be used only with non-adhesive labels. Do not tape labels onto library materials.
  • Each item must be labeled individually.

Filling In Label Fields

To avoid confusion, be sure to enter full library names in the appropriate fields. For schools, include both the district and school building name. There's more than one "Jefferson School" (for example) in RAILS. Do not enter a patron's name anywhere on the label.

  • Route: (Optional) Use only if you know the destination library's delivery route.
  • TO: Enter the full name of the library that will receive the delivery from RAILS. Optionally include the library's RAILS delivery code, if there is one.
  • FOR: Use only when the final destination receives indirect delivery via a Community Delivery Partner. Enter the full name of the destination library; do not enter a library patron's name.
    • Example: Items for South Beloit High School are dropped off by RAILS delivery at South Beloit Public Library, the school's delivery partner. The label should say -
      TO: South Beloit Public Library
      FOR: South Beloit CUSD #320 - South Beloit High School
  • FROM: Enter the full name of the library that's sending the item.
  • NOTES / DUE DATE: (Optional) You may use this field to indicate a due date, or to add special instructions, notes regarding the item's condition when received, or other information. Do not enter a patron's name.