Community Delivery Partnerships

A Community Delivery Partnership (CDP) is an agreement between libraries to have all interlibrary loan items delivered to a single location. For example, a school district and a public library in the same town may enter into a CDP for the public library to serve as the system delivery location for the schools. Thus, the school district receives indirect delivery from RAILS through the public library.

The CDP arrangement allows for more frequent delivery to libraries with low interlibrary loan volume than would be available otherwise. Several hundred libraries in Illinois currently use CDPs.

Both the delivery-site library and CDP partner library have responsibilities. The delivery location will accept incoming materials for all participants and provide staff to separate items for pick up by the other libraries, notify partner libraries when they have materials to pick up, and prepare materials to go out on delivery from all participants. Partner libraries will pick up items from the primary delivery library on an agreed upon schedule or when notified that materials are waiting, as well as drop off items to be sent.

For more information about CDPs, including detailed requirements and an agreement template, see the Illinois State Library's CDP page.