Catalog Membership Grants

System-supported shared catalogs are part of the state's Local Library System Automation Program and may be referred to as LLSAPs. RAILS LLSAPs are MAGIC, PrairieCat, RSA-NFP, and SWAN. To increase membership in LLSAP catalogs, RAILS offered a grant to fund the startup costs for any RAILS libraries to join or upgrade their membership in LLSAPs. These grants boosted resource sharing in Illinois, and allowed libraries to overcome cost barriers to participation in shared catalogs.

Across three fiscal years, 45 grant awards totaling $1,166,313 were made to 43 libraries. The other two awards were made to support the shared costs of multiple libraries joining an LLSAP as a group.

Due to budget uncertainties, this program is currently suspended.

Please direct any questions to:
Anne Slaughter
RAILS Director of Technology Services