HF Group Consolidated Bindery Pickup

If your library uses HF Group AcmeBinding, you can send smaller orders and save on bindery shipping charges by participating in the RAILS consolidated bindery pickup program.

HF Group requires a $500 minimum order for pickup and delivery; otherwise, the library is responsible for arranging shipping. You can now use RAILS delivery for your HF Group bindery shipments, and RAILS will arrange for HF Group to pick them up at our Bolingbrook facility.

Key Points

  • HF Group's minimum order of $125 per library still applies.
  • HF Group requires at least four orders to make a pickup at RAILS Bolingbrook. If RAILS doesn't receive sufficient orders for an HF Group pickup, the orders will be held until the next scheduled pickup for which RAILS has received four or more orders. Thus, RAILS cannot guarantee a pickup date.
  • HF Group will return completed orders to RAILS Bolingbrook, and RAILS will deliver them to libraries.
  • For complete details, please see the procedures and 2021 schedule posted below.

This program is designed to help libraries with low to moderate bindery needs. If your library routinely has large bindery shipments ($500 or more) or needs a quick turnaround, we recommend working directly with HF Group.

For questions about HF Group bindery services, please contact Marcia Nellans, HF Group Customer Service Representative, at mnellans@hfgroup.com.

For questions about RAILS delivery, email railsdelivery@railslibraries.info. Send your message from the email address used for your Library Learning (L2) account, so the ticketing system will recognize your library and route your message to the correct RAILS service center.