Farmer's Market

Member Spotlight

The Odell Public Library (Morrison) offers their community some resources on cooking, canning, growing, and gardening.

Photo courtesy of Odell Public Library.

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Special Library Staff Invited to Subscribe to Newsletter

News for Special Library Staff
In response to frequent requests from our special library members, the first issue of RAILS News for Special Libraries was distributed on August 11, 2015.

Future editions will be published periodically to inform special library staff about RAILS programs/services of benefit to them. All staff working in RAILS special libraries are encouraged to subscribe here.


Staff Spotlight

Staff from RAILS service centers gathered in Normal for the July RAILS staff retreat. RAILS serves more than 1,300 member libraries in our 27,000 square mile area.

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RAILS Continuing Education Archives

The RAILS Continuing Education (CE) Archives contain recordings and handouts from RAILS webinars and workshops. RAILS members can access these recordings "24/7" from the RAILS website’s CE Archives page. Program topics include cataloging, customer service, management, marketing, technology, and more.

Recent improvements to the CE Archives page make it easier to find recordings. Listed at the top of the page are links to the three most recent recordings. Members can also search by date, category, and library type, using the drop down menus near the top of the page. Click on the name of the presentation to view more information and access the recording. To view full content, log into the RAILS website with the email address and password you use for L2. If you need help with L2, see the RAILS L2 help section

Please note that the recording of presentations and webinars and posting of handouts is done with the permission of presenters. Some presenters place restrictions on recording and archiving their materials, such as requiring RAILS members to log into the RAILS website to view content. Others limit the time that their material is available to our members. 

The RAILS CE Archives page is updated regularly and announcements of new recordings are made in RAILS E-News.