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More on the Five Laws

I got a lot of positive comments about my posting of the Five Laws last week, so I thought I would dig a little deeper into them in terms of how they apply to library systems, since that is obviously where my focus is these days. For example: System services are for use. Every system member its...
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The Five Laws of Library Science

I was thinking about S.R. Ranganathan the other day, and his Five Laws of Library Science. Just to refresh everyone’s memory: Books are for use. Every reader his (or her) book. Every book its reader. Save the time of the reader. The library is a growing organism. These “laws” really are brilliantly...
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Get involved with RAILS!

I have been spending my first couple of months at RAILS traveling around the system meeting with members. I have been talking about my hopes and dreams for RAILS in the future - that we will be the best Library System in the US. We will need your help to accomplish this, so I hope you will get...
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Welcome to Direct From Dee

Hello out there RAILS members, and other interested folks. I will be using this blog to keep you up-to-date on RAILS news and projects; to share my thoughts on library-related issues and trends; and to get YOUR input on pretty much anything under the sun that relates to libraries! I hope you will...


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