Naperville Public Library's new mobile app now in app store

Naperville Public Library's new mobile app is now available in the app store. As this new app will replace the library's existing app, users will need to install the new app on their mobile device. Search for "Naperville Public Library 2016" in the app store to download and install the new app - iPhone, Android and Amazon.

The new app will enhance user experience with convenient and engaging features, including access to a digital library card.

"Users will no longer have to bring their card with them," Frances Tong, IT manager, said. "We have a lot of people who come in and don't always bring their cards with them, but they always have their phone with them."

Tong said the app also has a Family Card feature that allows adults to link their family members' cards.

"Parents can then use the app to manage the checkout, renewal and holds for their children, even when they don't have their kids' card handy," she said.

The app allows customers to download best-selling books, in-demand music and popular magazines. Users also can get one-click access to free premium content and databases like Rosetta Stone,, Consumer Reports, live tutoring and job search assistance. Another engaging feature allows users to view library events and add them to their device's calendar.

"I'm very excited about the new graphic look," Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh said. "The new app is much more intuitive than the old app. Users will have access to all we offer at their fingertips."

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