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If you'd like to submit your library news for inclusion in the RAILS E-News, there are two options:


If you have an article to share (new director, award received, other PR)  you can add that as “News from Libraries” on the RAILS website.  RAILS Communication staff with link to your post in the RAILS E-News.

Here's how:

RAILS encourages libraries to share their news on the RAILS website (i.e. director changes, referendum news, author talks, coordinated community events, special programs, and more). Others like to see what you are doing and to share in your successes. We post links to the shared library news in the weekly RAILS E-News

Begin by logging into the RAILS website with the email address and password you use for L2. After doing so, you'll see your name in the upper right-hand corner; click the drop-down arrow, and click Add Content. When the Add Content page opens, click Article. Under Article Type, click the radio button next to Library News.

Continue to fill in the Title and Body of your article. If you have an image (which we recommend adding), upload it, then scroll to the bottom and click Save. Your article will post immediately once you save it. That's it! If you have any questions, contact Nicole Zimmermann.  


If you would like to submit a program, event, CE, or opportunity for library staff in the RAILS E-News, send your copy to

Here's how: 

  • The deadline is EOD Thursday for the following week’s edition,
  • Keep your copy to approximately 3-5 sentences,
  • Include a title
  • include dates and times, brief detail
  • Link to more information/details,
  • Include an email address for a contact person if needed
  • Send your copy to

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