Green Hills Library Digitizes Local History Archive

Sixty years ago, residents of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills were discussing creating libraries to serve their communities, and it soon became clear that the best way to support this goal was to go at it together. On December 8, 1962, GHPLD was officially formed, and in 2022, the Green Hills Public Library District celebrates its 60th anniversary. Today, we proudly serve the communities of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills, both of which have rich histories dating back hundreds of years. Over the years, the Library has maintained numerous historical documents in a physical format, with a growing demand for digital access. To provide access to this collection, our staff have digitized our historical documents for patrons, researchers, and all those interested in the history of the Library, Hickory Hills, and Palos Hills.

In this collection, you'll find information about major historical milestones of GHPLD, including photographs and newspapers dating back to the 1960s. You'll also be able to learn about the history of Palos Hills, as we have included a number of publications authored by Earl Potter and his relative, William Potter. We have also digitized maps dating back to the 1600s and records on Felix the Firedog – both common inquiries that we receive at the Library. The history of Hickory Hills is also presented, including a historical paper written by Susan Venezio.

Natalie Djordjevic, Head of Youth Services, oversaw the digitization project that was curated by former Youth Librarian Nada Abdelrahim. Reflecting on how the project began and its intended outcomes, Djordjevic stated "During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patrons gained an interest in learning our rich local history. To help facilitate this new enthusiasm, we decided it was time to digitize our history archives. Nada's archival background was a vital asset to this project, and I extremely proud of the organized and easy-to-use website she carefully curated. At the Green Hills Public Library District, we are always looking to foster lifelong learning and curiosity. I am extremely proud that our new history archive promotes these values."

The Library's History Archive can be found at It is free and open to the public to access. In addition to the digitizing component, a comprehensive finding aid was developed that includes the scope and content notes for the entire collection. This is a great starting point for those who are interested in the archive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Adult Services Department at 708-598-8446 ext. 120 or

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