Explore More Illinois Welcomes Its First Out-Of-State Attractions

Explore More Illinois, RAILS' cultural and recreation pass, is happy to welcome three Kenosha, Wisconsin attractions to its offerings. This will now allow Illinois public library cardholders to receive discounts on admissions, gift stores purchases, as they travel not only across Illinois but across the Midwest.

The Civil War Museum focuses on the war from the perspective of the seven states of the upper middle-west. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum is the only museum to focus on the link between meat-eating dinosaurs and birds. Finally, the Kenosha Public Museum is a natural sciences and fine and decorative arts museum. Exhibit programming includes mammoths, world cultures, Native Americans, zoology, geology, fossils, and fine and decorative arts.

We hope to expand our out-of-state offerings, but we will always continue to recruit new Illinois attractions. While attractions can be outside of the state, only Illinois public library cardholders can access offers on Explore More Illinois.

Visit the Explore More Illinois website for information on how to join and a current list of attractions.

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