Updates for Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2)

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Great news! We added several new items to L2.

  • The L2 support team added a "Learning Log" feature (like the Learning Report in the old L2) for self-recording attendance at non-L2 events. You can access this feature via a tab on your My Events page (Account > My Events). For example, if you attend a safety training offered by your local Rotary, enter it here to record it as part of your annual continuing education.
  • You can now view a display of your recorded attendance via a tab on My Events. In addition, your list of event registrations indicates the events for which you have been marked in attendance.
  • Users who have an Agency level affiliation with a member library (e.g., library director) have access to a display of staff event registrations of all users who are affiliated with any of the library's locations; this list also indicates when attendance has been recorded. This list can be downloaded as a CSV file and is available through a link on the user's dashboard page (again, only if the user has affiliations with the library agency as well as a location).
  • Your library's certification history (beginning in 2021) is now available on each agency's main entry. Next year, when you begin the process for your library, you can look at exactly what you did this year!

If you don't have an L2 login or haven't checked it out lately, we suggest you log in and make sure your personal and library information is current. New users: you must use your library email address to create an account. If you need help or have questions, you can easily reach out to the L2 Help Desk.

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