PCs for People – Affordable Technology at Chillicothe Public Library District

PCs for People at Chillicothe Public Library. Affordable technology and internet for income-eligible individuals.

Chillicothe Public Library District is partnering with PCs for People to help get low-cost computers and affordable internet into the homes of qualifying individuals. PCs for People, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide, refurbishes used technology and then provides it for purchase to qualifying individuals at highly discounted rates.

In addition to supplying equipment, PCs for People also collects a wide variety of electronic items for recycling. Since most equipment is discarded long before necessary, PCs for People is able to refurbish these items, and make them available through their distribution program. Chillicothe Public Library District is excited to accept certain electronics for recycling, beginning July 15. Please visit bit.ly/2TUjnQG to find out what items are accepted.

Mary Aylmer, Director for Chillicothe Public Library, sees the PCs for People programs as a natural extension of library services. "We are thrilled to partner with PCs for People," says Aylmer. "This initiative supports the library's goal to ensure digital inclusivity on a broader scale. Currently, anyone needing computers, Wi-Fi or hotspots can gain access through the library, but PCs for People provides an opportunity to incorporate technology at home. We see this movement as a step toward digital inclusivity and liberating access…Being able to support responsible recycling makes us feel like we're making a positive difference."

Visit the Chillicothe PCs for People registration page at bit.ly/3h5SCAX to register and apply. Or visit the library's PCs for People page at www.chillipld.org, under Services/Community Services for information about the program and qualification guidelines.

For questions or additional information, please call the library at 309.274.2719.

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