JJC LTA Summer 2021 Course Offerings

The Library Technical Assistant Certificate Program at Joliet Junior College consists of 9 courses for a total of 26 credit hours, and offers instruction from frontline librarians, technology training, online learning and more. Summer classes begin Monday June 7. Register here: https://www.jjc.edu/getting-started/register-courses

Almost all JJC classes will be fully online this Summer. The exception in the LTA program is the capstone 208 Practicum. This requires a student to work on-site at a hosting library for 12 weeks over the Summer, from Monday, May 24 to Thursday, August 12. Our regular 16 week semester courses are taught in ½ the time in the Summer. This is a great way to accelerate through the Certificate. These classes begin on Monday, June 7 and end on Thursday, July 29.

Courses offered for the Summer 2021 8-week semester include:

LTA 202 - Reader's Advisory and Library Programs for Adults - 3 Credit Hours. Online.

Instructor: Tina Williams

An introduction to the act of putting people together with books using specific tools, strategies, interviewing techniques, and searching techniques will be examined. This course walks through the process of adult program development and event planning for libraries, incorporating examples of programs both local and from around the country. Prerequisite(s): Placement testing into ENG 101.

LTA 206 - Children's Library Services - 3 Credit Hours. Online.

Instructor: Jennifer Bromann-Bender

Explore programming, services, publicity, and projects aimed at the audience for Children's Library Services -infants to young adults, and parents and teachers. Virtual activities, discussions and projects focused on everything from collection development to policy and budget issues. Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 101.

Course offered Summer 2021 over 12 weeks as an Independent Study:

LTA 208 - Library Practicum - 2 Credit Hours. Off-site & Online.

Instructor: Michelle Y. Roubal

This capstone course provides supervised work experience in a public, academic, special, or school library. Emphasis is on applying knowledge gained in coursework to practical on-the-job situations. The student rotates through various departments to broaden the experience. This course includes a forum for discussing issues related to working as a library technical assistant with emphasis on practical applications at the student's host site. Prerequisite(s): All 8 LTA courses with minimum grade "C".

Have questions about the program? Visit https://jjc.edu/lta or contact:

Michelle Y. Roubal (she/her/hers) - Librarian, Associate Professor, LTA Advisor

Joliet Junior College - Office A-2015A – 815-280-2350

Library Technical Assistant Program: Facebook, LinkedIn

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