Celebrate National Library Outreach Day!

As the 2021 President of the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS), I am beyond excited to announce the establishment of National Library Outreach Day, which will be held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, during National Library Week. National Library Outreach Day (which enhances and expands National Bookmobile Day) celebrates library workers who provide any type of outreach services for their library–whether bookmobile, outreach van, book bike, senior services, school services, marginalized and underserved populations, and more.

Please read the official ALA Press Release on the announcement of National Library Outreach Day.


How can you participate in National Library Outreach Day?

Check out the ALA webpage on the event at:


Participate in the Virtual Bookmobile Parade, sponsored by ABOS.

Submit photos of your bookmobiles and outreach vans to:


Share a photo or video of your library or bookmobile in the community:


The hashtag for National Library Outreach Day is:


Find National Library Outreach Day materials, publicity templates, resources, and social media information at:


If you have questions about National Library Outreach Day, please email me at David Kelsey, 2021 ABOS President, at president@abos-outreach.com. I'd love to hear from my ABOS Family!

Have a very happy #NationalLibraryOutreachDay!!!

Yours in outreach,

David Kelsey

2021 ABOS President

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