RAILS Re-Launches Elders of the Internet Video

Elders of the Internet Video featuring Nick Offerman.

February 14 is #LibraryLoversDay, and it is the first anniversary of the launch of our Elders of the Internet video, featuring Nick Offerman. Just a few weeks after launch, the world got a bit sidetracked with the novel coronavirus, so we are relaunching the video with a new media kit to assist you in answering the often-asked question, "Why do people need libraries in the age of Google?"

The media kit includes:

  • A list of 25 ways you can promote Elders of the Internet
  • Links to the Elders of the Internet video (three versions)
  • Sample social media posts
  • Sample copy for your print or e-newsletters
  • Talking points about why libraries are needed in the internet age
  • And more!

We'd love to hear how you are sharing/using the video and any patron comments you may hear. If you have more ideas for promoting the video, or for tackling the "why libraries/when Google?" question, contact us at communications@railslibraries.info.

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