August Board Meeting Highlights

The RAILS Board met on Friday, August 28, 2015. Meeting highlights include:

  • The Board approved Resurrection College Preparatory High School (Chicago) for full RAILS membership, pending final approval from the Illinois State Library.
  • Three candidates from the western part of the RAILS area have expressed interest in filling the vacancy on the Board. The Board Executive Committee will review the applications.
  • Anne Craig, Director of the Illinois State Library, reported that there is still no information on the state budget at this time.  
  • Anne also announced that the Illinois application to be a Digital Public Library Service Hub was accepted. Illinois will be one of four service hubs nationally.
  • A brief synopsis of the Illinois Public Relations Act was presented as part of a regular Board development feature.
  • Brian Smith, RAILS Applications and Web Developer, gave an update on the RAILS website redesign. We are currently seeking responses to an RFP (posted on the RAILS website) with proposals due on September 16 by 3 p.m. RAILS has also recently added some new features to the website in response to member feedback.  
  • The Board will hold upcoming meetings in different locations throughout the RAILS area. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 25, 2015 in East Peoria. For further details, see the FY2016 Board Meeting Schedule.

The meeting minutes, when approved, will be posted with the August Board Meeting documents.

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