Sycamore Public Library Window Restoration is Complete

The restoration of Sycamore Library's 115 year-old Carnegie building windows—which began in March—is now complete! In addition to the windows, the crown, the pediment, and the metal letters on the pediment were also restored, and repairs were completed on several concrete window sills in the southwest rotunda. Once the exterior restoration work was complete, a partial interior wall was also removed to open the space formerly occupied by the Joiner History Room and expose three of the original wrought-iron bookshelves from 1905.

While most of the project was funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (sponsored by State Representative Jeff Keicher), the remainder was paid for using monies from the library's Carnegie Building fund and a generous donation from Sycamore's newest community business, Meijer.

Says Executive Director, Monica Dombrowski, "This project was years in the planning. To see it come to fruition, and receive such a positive response from the community, is a huge accomplishment. This is a great example of how a community can work together for the benefit of the library and the people it serves. "

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