Online CE Per Capita Requirement for Public Libraries

Public library staff and trustees can meet the annual Illinois Public Library Per Capita Grant online CE requirement by viewing an approved webinar. The online CE requirement topic for FY2020 is organizational management. All of the webinars listed below have been approved by the Illinois State Library to meet this requirement.

21st Century Librarians for 21st Century Libraries
As technology evolves, patrons are turning to library staff for help using hardware, software, devices, and apps to help them navigate the digital world. Get ideas for developing and promoting these skills in your library in this webinar.

Budget and Levy Secrets for Libraries
This 2018 webinar presents best practices for planning and presenting annual budgets and tax levy ordinances for municipal and district public libraries. Adam Simon of Ancel Glink reviews State law that influences the budget and levy. A brief discussion of several other annual financial reports will also be included.

Coaching Skills for Library Supervisors: Building a Performance Culture One Employee at a Time
Employees can be both taught and led, using coaching interventions that help them build their skills, redirect unproductive behaviors, and become more self-reliant. This webinar will help you solve a complex organizational problem – how to get the very best from your employees, at every level.

Communication Strategies for Managing Change
Keeping staff on an even keel in the midst of major changes is a daunting task, but making it a priority can mean the difference between success and failure. Get some practical advice for communicating through change in a way that helps build confidence, trust, and support from your staff, and that raises your chances of success, no matter how far along the transition may be.

Community-Based Strategic Planning
In this workshop, George Needham offered a framework for strategic planning that is inextricably rooted in the community served, whether that's a political subdivision, a college or university campus, a school district, or a corporation.

Conducting a Library Facility Security Assessment
This webinar helps library professionals to create a report that provides an overview for themselves and other library safety and security stakeholders: city or county attorneys, elected officials, law enforcement officers, insurance representatives, and risk managers, IT directors, and facilities directors.

Fundamentals of Municipal Finance: How Illinois Libraries Borrow Money
This presentation will provide participants with the basics of issuing bonds in Illinois and will allow you to be an active decision-maker for your organization rather than a bystander relying solely on consultants to get you through.

How Am I Doing? : Raising the Bar on Performance Management
The ultimate purpose of performance appraisal in any organization is to improve the performance of the organization.

It's Not "Just Part of the Job": Strategies to Recognize and Address Sexual Harassment in the Library
Like many public-facing employees, it's time for library staff members to say #MeToo.

Keeping Patrons Safe: Our Responsibilities During High-Risk Situations
This session focuses on building awareness and responses to emergency and non-emergency events ranging from "slip and falls" to active shooters, from weather to a broken pipe, and from fires to power outages. Presenter Dr. Steve Albrecht will also focus on challenging patrons, whose difficult behaviors can impact other patrons or staff.

Leading Tough Conversations
In this webinar, you will learn how to plan for highly-charged conversations, and you will come away with a number of techniques for leading facilitated discussions.

Library Use of Social Media – Navigating the Legal Landscape
In this 2016 webinar Julie Tappendorf, the co-author of the book "Social Media & Local Governments," will address common legal issues with government social networking such as open records, First Amendment rights and privacy concerns, copyright laws, and employee use of social media. She will also provide tips for preparing a social media policy.

Managing Your Records Under the Illinois Local Records Act
This 2015 session, presented by Bruce A. Radke of Vedder Price P.C., provides practical and proven steps to complying with the Illinois Records Act (the "LCA"), specifically focusing on the topics of particular to our members, including the retention and maintenance of public records and their proper disposal.
Navigating the Changing Landscape of Library Privacy
Learn about contemporary patron privacy issues facing libraries today, and the practical actions libraries can take to improve patron privacy protections.

Negotiating Vendor Contracts
Learn tips and tricks to build leverage and make bargaining a more pleasurable experience with favorable outcomes.

Practical Management for Library Staff: The RISWS Approach for Effective Library Team Management
A small cohort of academic librarians was trained in a practical, agnostic, hands-on system, Recording/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS). RISWS gives managers a regular stream of data from their employees about what they need and are accomplishing—so managers can manage people, not just projects, in a data-driven environment.

Promoting Fairness & Belonging: Insights from Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat
Core concepts from the mind sciences - including implicit bias, racial anxiety, and stereotype threat - can help to explain why identity differences can present challenges, even for those of us with values of equity.

Space Planning Without the Space: Re-imagining Your Existing Library
This webinar reviews a multi-step protocol to help librarians organize their thoughts as to how an existing library space might be reconfigured to meet the service needs of today.

Take Your Productivity to the Next Level
To be effective, you need a system for ideas, tasks, and reminders. Hear from three highly productive library leaders on how to harness your personal productivity through technology based on David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology.

Technology Management
Technology management in libraries is a big topic -- this webinar is designed to help you think differently about tech and make it an asset instead of a burden

The Accidental Leader
Leadership may not be something you aspire to, but you may find yourself in a leadership role unexpectedly. How do you quickly find the internal and external resources you need to lead?

The Essentials of Library Supervision
Pat Wagner guides you through what you need to know as a library supervisor.

Trends in Safety and Security for Libraries
This session looks at the current safety and security problems facing libraries, ranging from angry patrons to ransomware attacks.

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