Fall Reading BINGO with Dory

Children's Fall Reading Bingo

John Mosser Public Library District is a small library with a very small staff. One of the favorite staff members is also very small-she's a 4 year old rescue pug named Dory. Dory is one of the main reasons our attendance for the Summer Reading Program increased and she is the most asked after Library employee. In order to capitalize on her stardom, she made her programming debut as a choice on the Fall Reading BINGO card. Children can elect to read a book to Dory during her regular working hours-every Tuesday and Friday, as well as select Saturdays. Other bingo card choices include completing puzzles, playing a board game, or reading a book currently on display.

If you are ever near Abingdon, please stop in and meet Dory. Greeting Patrons is her very favorite Library duty-if she's not taking a nap, that is.

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