All RAILS Public Libraries Asked to Complete Unserved Survey

RAILS members often express concern about the more than one million people in Illinois who do not have access to public library service. RAILS wants to do what we can to help with this issue. As a first step, we want to make sure we have accurate information on the scope of the unserved issue in our area and services our libraries currently offer to the unserved.

We are asking all of our public libraries to complete this survey by Friday, August 30. We are looking for one response per public library. Please have the person most knowledgeable about the services your library offers to the unserved complete the survey. Interested libraries can review a PDF version of the survey ahead of time. Please complete the actual survey online.

We would like all our public library members to complete as much of the survey as they can, whether or not your library is adjacent to an unserved area. We will use the results to plan additional ways that RAILS can work with our members and other stakeholders to ensure that all in Illinois have equal access to public library service. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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