Membership Standards Data Collection Now Open

Data collection is now open for the RAILS system membership standards.

Please visit to find detailed instructions and the data collection form. The form should be completed by the library's director (or a staff member designated by the director).

The process for developing these standards began in December of 2014 with a meeting of more than 40 member colleagues from libraries of all types and sizes. We had many, many discussions with members and with the RAILS board and state library staff as the committee's work progressed. I think it was a very open process. We asked for and received a lot of feedback from members and made many revisions to the standards as a result of the feedback.

Since the beginning, the goal of the standards has been to provide a pathway to excellence for all of our member libraries.

We believe that we now have a very achievable but still aspirational set of standards for all of our members. But, to make absolutely sure that we are correct, this first year of data collection is just that – we are collecting data only so that we can get a complete and accurate picture of where libraries are in relation to the core standards. We are collecting data only about the core standards this year.

All RAILS member libraries are required to complete and submit the data collection form by March 31, 2019. We are happy to help you at any time; send questions to

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