Glen Ellyn Community Reaches Goal!

Four years ago, the Glen Ellyn Public Library changed its summer reading program, challenging the community to read for a cause. Each year, the community heard the call and rose to the challenge.

This year was no different. Kids in the community read for 75,179 hours and adults read 4,306 books! Why is the library's summer reading program such a success? "The success of summer reading is a testament to the philanthropic spirit that sits at the heart of the community," said Dawn Bussey, Library Director. "Our summer reading program allows this community of readers to do what they love and help others at the same time."

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the Glen Ellyn community, the Friends of the Glen Ellyn Public Library and the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation will each donate $1,000 to Supplies 4 Success, a grassroots, charitable organization based in Glen Ellyn.

"To not only encourage children who participated, but to also support community children who benefit from the mission of Supplies 4 Success is consistent with the Foundation's own mission to ensure residents enjoy high quality experiences at the Glen Ellyn Public Library," said Kelley Kalinich, Foundation Board President.

Supplies 4 Success raises money to give in-need students in Glen Ellyn District 41 and Community Consolidated District 89 a school supply kit and backpack. The donations will provide 80 local children with a backpack full of school supplies.

"Supplies 4 Success is a well-deserving organization with a mission that complements our own," said Katie Scherer, Friends Board President. "By preparing students for the new school year, Supplies 4 Success goes a long way toward developing the next generation of readers within our community."

Representatives from the Foundation and the Friends will present Supplies 4 Success with a check at a yet to-be-determined date.

Throughout the summer, the library also held a supply drive for Supplies 4 Success. Members generously donated children's backpacks and newly-purchased 3-ring binders. All donations made during the supply drive will be presented to Supplies 4 Success at the check presentation.

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Blue Island Public Library Awarded $4,000 Best Buy Community Grant

Last week the Blue Island Public Library received word that it will be the recipient of a $4,000 Best Buy Grant geared toward "Igniting Teen Potential Through Technology", including coding, 3D printing and more. Alicia Diaz, Head of the Tech. Annex, wrote the funded grant with help from, Mike Byrne, Head of IT, and plan to use the funds to purchase a 3D printer, develop classes, and work with the students and teachers in the community to expand the many offerings of the Blue Island Public Library's Tech. Annex, which include a public use recording studio and access to myriad of video, audio and design software products. These funds will help the library continue to offer new and currently trending resources to students in the community and supplement high tech. educational opportunities not necessarily available in all of the local schools.