Next Chapter Book Club: More Than Just a Book Club

Next Chapter Book Club Logo

Just like the Glen Ellyn Public Library, Next Chapter Book Club is so much more than books.

Next Chapter Book Club's primary purpose is to build friendships and community. Designed to accommodate every reading level, from great readers to emerging readers to non-readers, it challenges misconceptions about what it means to have a cognitive or intellectual disability.

The library believes it is important to embrace and create spaces for people of all abilities. Toward that effort, the library joined the Next Chapter Book Club Affiliate Network and launched a local club for the community.

"I believe libraries are for everyone," said Sarah Kleiva, Outreach Librarian. "Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the friendships and fun a book club can create."

Next Chapter Book Club's format is simple: get together, read aloud, talk, and hang out with others. Facilitators ask the group questions and help guide discussion. Snacks and the occasional craft will also be available. The library's Next Chapter Book Club will meet every other Thursday.

"You don't have to be able to read to enjoy listening, discussing, or making new friends," said Kleiva. "This club is not about learning to read but reading to learn."

On Thursday, August 31, the group will read Lucky Dogs, Lost Hats and Dating Don'ts by Dr. Thomas Fish and Jillian Ober, Next Chapter Book Club's founders. It is a short story collection of real life stories that affect all of us. It is at times funny and sad, but always relatable.

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