Villa Park PL Awards Local School

Ardmore School students pose with trophy

The summer of 2016 was a busy one for the students of Ardmore Elementary School in School District #45. These committed and voracious readers managed to edge out all of the competition to win the Summer Reading trophy from the Villa Park Public Library. Of all schools represented by those who took part in the youth 2016 Summer Reading Program at the library, Ardmore had the highest percentage of students participating. An impressive 33% of the student body (171 students) took part—and when the time came for photographs to commemorate the awarding of the trophy, students did not want to put down the books they had brought along to read!

Ardmore is the very first winner of the trophy, which will reside at the school for the duration of the academic year. When summer 2017 arrives, the trophy will stay at the library for the summer, then move to the 2017 winning school for the 2017-2018 school year. The library and all of the local schools are looking forward to seeing the competition heat up next year, and finding out who the 2017 winner will be.

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