Science Kits for Public Libraries Grant

The Science Kits for Public Libraries Grant is offering up to $2,000 in funding to Chicago area public libraries for the development of circulating math and science collections for pre-university students (K-12). The grant seeks to be a catalyst for educating students about how math and science are used for the benefit of humanity and to provide seed money for creation of library programs that will make a lasting impression.

Past grants have allowed a number of Chicago area libraries to develop science kit circulating collections and give students access to prepared experiments and science materials they might not encounter in the traditional classroom. Additionally, these libraries have created educational programs that allow students to conduct experiments at the library with the guidance of a librarian.

Visit Chicago Science Kit Grants for application and budget forms, grant guidelines and to learn about the successes of past grant recipients.

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Send your completed application by November 15, 2016 to: Matt Zawicki, Project Manager
IEEE Science Kits for Public Libraries,

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