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Get involved with RAILS!

I have been spending my first couple of months at RAILS traveling around the system meeting with members. I have been talking about my hopes and dreams for RAILS in the future - that we will be the best Library System in the US. We will need your help to accomplish this, so I hope you will get...
News from RAILS

RAILS Finances - some questions and answers

Last week, there was a discussion on our RAILS Community Directors Forum about system finances. The discussion went something like this: Members are wondering why both RAILS and IHLS need to keep so much money in reserve. Systems merged to cut down on operating costs. If our budget is at the same...
News from RAILS

Welcome to Direct From Dee

Hello out there RAILS members, and other interested folks. I will be using this blog to keep you up-to-date on RAILS news and projects; to share my thoughts on library-related issues and trends; and to get YOUR input on pretty much anything under the sun that relates to libraries! I hope you will...