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Continuing Education Opportunity

Working with your Local Adult Literacy Provider (DuPage County)

Attention DuPage County Libraries: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 Wheaton Public Library 9:30am-12pm To register: Literacy DuPage is a literacy volunteer organization which serves adult learners who need to develop their English communication...
Continuing Education Opportunity

College of DuPage LTA program begins its 50th year this Fall, 2017

College of DuPage summer registration is now in progress. Fall registration begins April 21 for new and returning students. Summer classes Fall classes For...
Continuing Education Opportunity

Drupal MidCamp, March 30-April 2

MidCamp is a conference event for anyone uses the Drupal website content management system, or is responsible for designing, building, developing, and supporting Drupal in any capacity. It's also great for anyone currently evaluating Drupal or simply looking to learn more about it. It's a place...