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Documents have been contributed by member libraries and have not been screened by RAILS. Before adopting or adapting one for your library, you should check its compliance with current laws and regulations.

Hybrid Virtual + In-person Program Contract (Fillable)
Green Hills Public Library District
PDF icon Hybrid Program Contract.pdf
This is a hybrid contract designed for both virtual and in-person programs. This contract is a... more
June 11, 2021
Northbrook Public Library
File 03.305 Programming.docx
January 19, 2021
Information Services Policy
Aurora Public Library District
File Information Services Policy 2021.docx
August 25, 2021
Programming Policy
Midlothian Public Library
PDF icon Programming Policy.pdf
September 21, 2017
Reading Groups
Milledgeville Public Library
File 7 Reading groups.docx
Book clubs; Reading groups
June 12, 2017
Programming Policy
Hinsdale Public Library
PDF icon Programming Policy 2015.pdf
The Hinsdale Public Library presents educational, recreational, informational, and cultural... more
June 24, 2015
Library program evaluation form
Three Rivers Public Library District
File Program_Feedback_Form.docx
February 8, 2017
Library program evaluation form
Freeport Public Library
File FPL_Program_Evaluation.docx
February 8, 2017
Library program evaluation form
Wheaton Public Library
File Program_Evaluation_Survey_WPL.docx
February 8, 2017
Performer contract
Fountaindale Public Library District
File FPLD_Streaming_Media_Addendum_Date.docx
File 2015_FPLD_Program_Contract.docx
Please see attached for our program contract form. I have also attached our streaming media... more
March 7, 2016
Performer contract
Northbrook Public Library
PDF icon Performance_Contract_template.pdf
March 7, 2016
Performer contract
Lincolnwood Public Library District
File LPLD_ProgramContract.docx
We also make sure to get the W-9 info at the time of contract signing.
March 7, 2016
Photographing and recording policy
Lake Villa Public Library District
File SP._Photographing_and_Recording_Date_-_Adopted_November_2014.docx
Here's our policy that is being adopted by our Board.
November 10, 2014