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We host a number of email lists for member-to-member discussions, and for us to communicate with you.

    RAILS Community Email Lists

    RAILS Community is a collection of email lists that serves as a forum for member-to-member communications. You need to be logged into the RAILS website to subscribe to these lists or view the archive of list messages.

    The email address associated with your Library Learning (L2) account is the address that will be subscribed to your RAILS Community forums, and you need to post messages from that address. When you change the email address on your L2 account, your forum subscriptions will automatically be updated the next time you log into the RAILS website.

    To join a RAILS Community email list through our global subscriptions page, click the list's Subscribe link below. On the subscriptions page, you will need to select "Yes" for your subscription and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page to complete your list membership.

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    Networking Group Lists

    We host email lists for several member networking groups. Each group manages its own list membership, and messages are not archived on the RAILS website.

    For information about a group and its email list in the RAILS Networking Groups Directory, click on the group's name below.

    To request an email list for your group, contact

    Website Announcements

    You may also use our global subscriptions page to subscribe to receive new RAILS website posts via email:

    You will need to click the Save button at the bottom of the subscriptions page to complete your subscription.

    Other Email Lists

    • We use several additional one-way distributions to send important announcements from RAILS. For example, we send notifications about delivery delays to the libraries on each affected route. The recipients for those announcements are automatically selected from the job roles on library employees' Library Learning (L2) accounts.
    • To receive our weekly RAILS E-News (or our occasional newsletters for Academic, School, or Special libraries), see our Newsletters page.
    • For information about email lists for libraries in a RAILS-supported shared catalog, see your catalog's support site.

    Our email lists are run on Mailman, an open source application similar to the commercial Listserv software.