Application for Conference Calling Account

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Due to coronavirus-related library closures, we are temporarily waiving the eligibility requirements and inviting libraries to apply for conference calling accounts to conduct meetings or offer programming remotely.

RAILS offers up to $500 per fiscal year of subsidized conference calling service to established member networking groups. Any use above the $500 will be billed to the group's billing contact.

Please review the following requirements to determine the eligibility of your group for RAILS-subsidized conference calling services. All conditions must be met to receive a conference calling account:

  • Established networking, continuing education, or cooperative group
  • Meets at least twice per year
  • At least 75% of the group's members are RAILS member libraries or employees of RAILS member libraries

Applicant groups are encouraged, but not required, to be listed in the RAILS Directory of Member Networking and Special Interest Groups.