New Educational and Engagement Kits at the St. Charles Public Library

The Outreach Services Department at St. Charles Public Library (David Kelsey, Dana Hintz, and Lynda Spraner) recently created four new Educational and Engagement Kits. These kits are used by staff to engage Outreach patrons and were specifically developed to assist in memory. These four sets were developed around specific themes – movie stars, TV stars, music stars, and cooking. Each contains an informational booklet with facts, background history and photos, along with small objects that patrons may hold and examine. For example, "Remembering Movie Stars" features movie stars from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s such as Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne. The objects in this kit are an Oscar statue, ruby slippers, pink opera gloves, and a fedora hat. Booklets are laminated and are in larger print. Each resident receives a booklet and follows along during the presentation given by Outreach Staff at long term care and memory facilities.

For more information on the Educational and Engagement Kits, please contact David J. Kelsey, St. Charles Public Library Outreach Services Librarian at 630-549-8969 or

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