The Accidental Leader

Leadership may not be something you aspire to, but you may find yourself in a leadership role unexpectedly: the manager gets sick, takes another job, or is let go, and you are the lucky choice to assume her position, either temporarily or permanently. How do you quickly find the internal and...

Grant Writing

Libraries need grant funds to supplement their budgets and help their dollars stretch farther. While all grants require something a little different, common elements like narratives stories, project plans, timelines, partnerships, budgets, progress reports and evaluations are part of every grant...

Book Blogging 101

In this practical discussion, seasoned book bloggers Rebecca Vnuk and Karen Keefe will cover the benefits of starting a personal or library-related book blog, including various platforms to choose from, how to get started, what to talk about, how to stay motivated, how to publicize your blog, and...

Reforma Midwest Chapter (The National Association to Promote Library & Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking)

This group provides information and networking opportunities to librarians who serve Spanish-speaking communities. Information shared focuses on collection development, programming, and overall library services in Spanish. The group also works to recruit prospective bilingual and bicultural librarians, as well as providing scholarship aid for students.


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