L2 How-To: Instructions for the Library Learning (L2) Website

L2 logoLibrary Learning (L2) serves as our library membership database. All libraries affiliated with the regional library systems in Illinois have detailed listings within L2. Access to most information is publically available. However, additional member services are provided to member library staff. Through your personal L2 account, you can register for events, access detailed information regarding libraries in Illinois, and participate in RAILS Community forums. Your RAILS website login is tied to your L2 account, so please keep it updated and use it when you visit the RAILS website and L2. Remember, authenticated users have access to additional online information and services.

L2 icon Library Learning Accounts

  • Creating an account
  • Changing your account information
  • Recovering your password

L2 icon Events Calendar

  • Register to attend an event
  • Add a meeting or workshop to the calendar
  • Subscribe to event RSS feeds

L2 icon L2 Directory

  • Search the library directory
  • Edit library building and resource sharing information
  • Edit library staff listings