Outreach & Programming Specialist


Alpha Park Public Library District
Library Type: 
Public Library

Position Details

Full Time or Part Time: 
Full Time
40 hours per week; Evening and weekend hours are expected
$15.00 - $22.50

Reports to the O&P Department Head

Department: Outreach and Programming

Classification: Non-exempt, Regular Full Time, ($15.00-22.50)

General Statement of Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Department Head, the Outreach and Specialist organizes, facilitates, preforms, and plans programming to occur throughout our service area, in-person as well as virtually. They work in partnership with community organizations, local non-profits, and other community pillars to ensure library services are accessed across our district. Frequent travel is a main component of this position. The Outreach and Programming Specialist must employ creativity, logistical know-how, and excellent communication skills. They should enjoy teaching diverse populations new skills, both recreational and educational. The specialist works directly under the Department Heads to ensure library services, programs, and access to materials are available to all in our district. The majority of the work they do is outside of the library in community settings such as nursing homes, community centers, public parks, grocery stores, and generally any location that may serve as a community gathering area in our district. They will work tabling events, promote library card sign up, and engage with potential patrons on the services provided by Alpha Park Library.

Qualifications, Education, Experience and Skills Desired

  • Three years of experience in community outreach and organizational partnership development
  • A bachelor's degree is preferred, however, experience in lieu of education will be considered
  • Ingenuity, creativity, and enjoyment of participation in and teaching skill sharing
  • Two years of programming in a library setting preferred
  • Must be available for evenings and weekends, this is the primary time for programming to occur
  • Must have access to reliable transportation


  • Acts as liaison between the library and community organizations
  • Places community organizations in touch with the appropriate staff at the Alpha Park Library
  • Plans, coordinates and organizes events for library programming under the direction and supervision of the Department Head.
  • Is continually developing new inspiration for library programming and community outreach based on feedback and the expressed needs of patrons
  • Assists the Department Head in crafting a schedule for programming and programming development
  • Uses common reporting tools for keeping statics and outlining programming events such as excel
  • Knowledge of programming development tools such as community assessments and objective based evaluations are necessary
  • Other duties as assigned

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Travel is required

Evening and weekend hours are expected

Lift up to 50lbs with assistance

Access to reliable transportation

To Apply

Application Deadline: 
Date below
Deadline Date: 
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Application Note: 

Send a cover letter, resume and completed application (found online) to Melissa Sierra, Library Director at melissa@alphapark.org or 3527 S. Airport Road, Bartonville, IL 61607

Application Contact: 
Melissa Sierra, Director
Apply To: 
Alpha Park Public Library District
3527 S. Airport Rd
Bartonville , IL 61607
Phone: 309-697-3822
40° 38' 45.2616" N, 89° 40' 51.456" W