Human Resources Manager


Naperville Public Library
Library Type: 
Public Library

Position Details

Full Time or Part Time: 
Full Time
Exempt position

The HR Manager provides the necessary direction for the development and implementation of Human Resources policies and programs including recruitment and employment practices, legal compliance, compensation and benefits administration, performance management, employee relations, employee safety, employee communication, employee learning, and employee events.

To Apply

Application Deadline: 
Date below
Deadline Date: 
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Application Note: 

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit our website to carefully review the job description and submit an online application.

The benefits of this position at the Naperville Public Library include:

  • Annual Vacation Accrual: 5 weeks per year
  • Holidays: 7 days per year
  • Annual Sick Accrual: 12 days per year
  • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
  • Health Benefits available for 30+Hour Positions
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Naperville Public Library IL