2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated: June 6, 2022

Introduction to the Issue: 

RAILS will use this Pulse Page to keep our members informed about the latest developments with COVID-19.

Vaccine Education

Ensuring a high vaccination rate is important to our state and our nation. We created a vaccine education toolkit for you to help increase vaccine confidence in your communities.

Vaccine Education Toolkit

The Latest News

RAILS & RAILS Libraries

Pandemic challenges and learning outcomes from RAILS. OCLC article with Monica Harris, RAILS Associate Executive Director (December 2021)

RAILS COVID-19 Safety Procedures (3/2/22)

RAILS COVID-19 Vaccination Procedures (10/22/21)

RAILS COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy (10/22/21)

FAQ Masks and Vaccines in the Bridge Phase

This FAQ about current masking best practice was compiled with help from Ancel Glink about library responses during the Bridge Phase (updated 6/2/21)

RAILS Ends Delivery Quarantine Requirement

The decision to reduce quarantine time for RAILS delivery is based on the information below.

Current Library Reopening Status Survey:

RAILS wants to help members keep up-to-date on other libraries' reopening plans. We will provide a reporting tool and service area map for you to review results and compare peer libraries beginning July 1. If/when your service offerings change, please fill out this form again. Only your most up-to-date information will display in the results.

RAILS Delivery FAQ (updated 10/26/20)

RAILS members with delivery questions/concerns can email railsdelivery@railslibraries.info. Send your message from the email address used for your Library Learning (L2) account to have it routed to the correct RAILS service center.

  • RAILS (updated 8/26/20) Guidelines for Libraries Considering Curbside Service and/or Phased Reopening
  • Initial guidance from RAILS' attorney on modified Stay at Home Order. This information is based on limited information that we will update once the final order is released. (4/24/20)
  • The RAILS Burr Ridge service center will be closed until further notice. RAILS staff are working remotely. Find contact information for RAILS staff.
What RAILS Is Doing: 

What Can You Do?: 
  • Share your re-opening plans. Email your plans to us at stacy.palmisano@railslibraries.info.
  • Complete the Essential Actions and Services During COVID-19 survey. See results here.
  • Complete the Virtual Services and Programs survey. See result here.
  • Post library policies related to COVID-19 in the Safety section of the online Library Policies Repository on the RAILS website.
Library Examples: 

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