Infectious Diseases

Last updated: October 6, 2022

Introduction to the Issue: 

RAILS will use this Pulse Page to keep our members informed about the latest developments with infectious diseases.

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RAILS COVID-19 Safety Procedures (3/2/22)

RAILS COVID-19 Vaccination Procedures (10/22/21)

RAILS COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy (10/22/21)

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Discounts/Member Offers & Opportunities

  • Zoom - RAILS is offering networking groups the opportunity to have their own Zoom meeting license. RAILS has a limited number of licenses that can be used for networking groups that meet on a regular basis. Application for Zoom account.

General RAILS Resources

Pandemic challenges and learning outcomes from RAILS. OCLC article with Monica Harris, RAILS Associate Executive Director (December 2021)

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