Troubleshooting Problems with Polycom Live Streaming Video

For most people, the online streaming video that RAILS makes available for some videoconferences will work without any special setup.

However, some networks and computers have configurations that don't work with our streaming video. You may want to verify with your library's technology staff that you will be able to view the live stream.

If you are unable to view live streaming video of videoconference events at, please check the following:

1. Make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed. This plugin is similar to Adobe Flash, and is required for the video work on both Windows and Mac.

2. Make sure your firewall is configured to allow video content sent via port 1640.

3. Make sure you have an exceptions for in your browser’s pop-up blocker:

4. If you are unable to view the streaming video in Firefox, Chrome, or another non-Microsoft browser, try it in Internet Explorer.

For additional assistance with Polycom streaming video, please contact your library's technology staff, or the RAILS Information Technology Department at 630.734.5290.