2020 Census - What Are We Looking At?

Thursday, January 16, 2020 -
10:30am to 11:30am
Dunlap Public Library

On January 16th, we will have only 75 Days until the 2020 Census will be here. One of the most important things to know to help get a complete and accurate count in your community is understanding how and when people will be asked to respond. Attend this workshop, and get a sneak peek at the electronic and paper forms used to collect information.

We will learn how we can work together to overcome any issues that may prevent response. We will also work to put together a calendar of Census Events that we can publicize to encourage people to come to your own library to complete their Census form.

Event Coordinator: Laura Keyes-Kaplafka
Email: director@dunlaplibrary.org
Phone: 309-243-5400

While this is aimed at library staff, feel free to bring other members of your CCC, or your community - mayors, trustees, etc. Please register their presence as well, or email the hostess for more information.