Lights, Camera, Action – the Nitty Gritty Details of How to Use Video for Library Marketing

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 -
9:30am to 12:30pm
RAILS Coal Valley Medium Conference Room

You know that video is a powerful storytelling medium and you want to use that power to share your library's story in a compelling, share-worthy manner. But you're also wondering if video is something you and your library can afford or learn how to use. This certainly isn't a skill they teach in our LIS programs! But the answer is YES – you CAN create awesome, affordable, good-looking, engaging videos easily, effectively, without breaking the budget.

This workshop will give you affordable gear recommendations, software tools and tips, show it all to you, and show you how to make it all work for your library. Learn basic video facts, storytelling best practices (libraries can translate their story experience to marketing and video), how to set up for video success, and how to make use of available technical resources to create short, compelling videos to promote library services, staffers, and resources. This workshop will give you interactive and hands-on experience with creating videos you can use, as we plan, shoot and edit together right in this workshop.

• Be aware of what elements make for a better vs. worse video for marketing purposes
• Learn the basics of story creation for video, basic types of videos for marketing
• Learn the basics of video production and editing, even on a tiny budget
• Learn about affordable gear, equipment, tools, apps and software to use

Audience + Skill Level:
Library staff engaged in actual production of content or marketing for library outreach.
Intermediate marketing skills – assumes basic marketing knowledge, appreciation of video as part of an overall marketing plan, and some basic video knowledge.