Cleaning Your Data with OpenRefine

Monday, August 5, 2019 -
9:30am to 12:30pm
RAILS Burr Ridge Main Meeting Room / Videoconference Room

OpenRefine is a powerful tool for collecting and cleaning up data. No matter what type of data you work with as a librarian, whether bibliographic records, program sign-ups, or digital object metadata, your workflows can benefit from using this tool. The program will include training on how to access OpenRefine, how to use its functions, and particular techniques most relevant to library data.

-Installing OpenRefine and getting used to the interface.
-Learning how to use facets and filters.
-Transforming data.
-Accessing data from other systems directly through OpenRefine.

Desired Outcomes:
-Participants will be able to install OpenRefine on their computers.
-Participants will understand the OpenRefine interface and how to use it most efficiently.
-Participants can transform data to make it consistent for their needs.

Participants should bring a laptop for this workshop.

Presenter: Margaret Heller is Digital Services Librarian at Loyola University Chicago. Author of the forthcoming book Community Technology Projects: Making Them Work, she has taught several workshops on OpenRefine.