Conducting a Library Facility Security Assessment

Most library staff think you need to hire an expensive security consultant to conduct a site security assessment of their facilities. While it's true security professionals do have a certain expertise, it often helps to consider the in-house experience and knowledge of the facility that the library leaders and employees can bring to the assessment process.

It is possible to use the same techniques, questions, and assessment instruments as a security professional for your library. You can ask and answer the various questions about critical facility security components for your library, including: access control; visitor and vendor management; cameras; alarms; interior and exterior lighting, IT protections and controls; perimeter protections; and emergency evacuations.

This webinar helps library professionals to create a report that provides an overview for themselves and other library safety and security stakeholders: city or county attorneys, elected officials, law enforcement officers, insurance representatives, and risk managers, IT directors, and facilities directors.

The goal of the session is to help library professionals - who know their facilities better than any security consultant could ever - to perform a thorough assessment, write a draft report for feedback, and then create a finished report that can be used as a reasonable template for security improvements, policy changes, and training suggestions.

Presenter: Dr. Steve Albrecht
Since 1987, Dr. Steve Albrecht has consulted and trained on issues related to HR and security issues, team performance, conflict reduction, and social intelligence. His Colorado-based firm specializes in performance-improvement training, coaching, and leadership skills. He is board certified in human resources, security management, employee coaching, and threat management. He has written 19 books on business, security, and law enforcement subjects.

This program is approximately 90 minutes in length and was originally broadcast on October 24, 2018.

Conducting a Library Facility Security Assessment

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