Understanding WEMI (Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item)

Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item (WEMI) starts out with the broad concept of work and moves towards the narrow concept of item. Libraries have been trying to link related items for centuries. Printed card catalogs were a primitive way of organizing materials by author, title, and subject. The online card catalog is creating a more sophisticated and encompassing linking of materials that are related.

- Linked data
- Relationships
- Related resources

Desired Outcomes:
Foundational understanding of what WEMI is and how it links data to local and international library databases.

Dr. Pamela Thomas has a master's degree in library science from NIU and a PhD in Professional Studies from Capella University. She has public, special, academic, and library system experience. She is the metadata cataloger for the CMC at Illinois Heartland Library System.

This webinar is approximately 35 minutes in length and was originally broadcast on August 21, 2018.

Understanding WEMI (Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item)

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